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The luckytown mailing lists are currently closed for the foreseeable future. I am looking at options for transitioning the lists to a new owner.
- Kevin Kinder, 2/19/03.

LuckyTown is the Internet E-mail list for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music. This page provides information about the LuckyTown mailing list, and tries to serve as a central retrieval site for things Springsteen-ish scattered across the Internet. LuckyTown is an unofficial, fan-run operation, and has no official relationship with Bruce Springsteen or Columbia Records.

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As shown above, Numerous Miscellaneous Files of information excerpted from the LuckyTown Digest are available, including a browsable version of the LuckyTown FAQ, Matt Orel's unofficial Springsteen Discography, John Leach's "On the Tracks" guide to Springsteen's known studio recordings, Recent Issues of the LuckyTown Digest, and Back Issues of the LuckyTown Digest, going back to April 1992. There's even a bio page of the lovable LuckyTown admin.

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