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Bruce Springsteen's thirteenth album, "The Ghost of Tom Joad," was released on 11/21/95 after being recorded earlier in the spring & summer. "The Ghost of Tom Joad," contains numerous songs that are based on specific newspaper articles, books, or films. Below are pointers to the known references for each song, as previously posted on the LuckyTown mailing list. If you have info to add (no guesses, please), email me at

A good general reference is the Springsteen radio interview with Bob Costas recorded in November 1995. There is also a TGoTJ glossary which explains some of the Spanish & slang terms used in the lyrics.

A complete list of TGoTJ tour dates and set lists is available, courtesy of Monty Smith, Scott Perschke, and other LuckyTown subscribers. Gunnar Bittersmann has a version of the setlists in an alternate format.

Radio & Television performances during the tour, all USA unless stated otherwise:

The cover art for the TGoTJ album was an existing work by artist Eric Dinyer. You can see more of his work via Eric Dinyer's page at Dreamless Studios.

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